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Family Shoe Store

665 Main Street Arcade NY 14009



Monday thru Friday 7:30 to 5:30

Saturday 7:30 to 1:00

Welcome from Brian and Janet Holts

Zimmer Footwear began in 2001, when Janet’s brother, a shoe distributor, encouraged them to try selling work boots in the NAPA Auto Parts Store.  This seemed to be a perfect fit.  While shopping for auto parts, the customers began buying these workboots and asking for a wider selection and better quality products.  Over the years Zimmer Footwear’s inventory has grown and diversified to meet the needs of the local community.  In 2002 Zimmer Footwear began selling Ranger, Servus and Northerner.  These brands allowed them to sell winter boots, fishing waders and rubber boots for the whole family.  The high quality rubber boot company, Muck, was added in 2004.  Later that year Zimmer Footwear started selling Skechers casual shoes and sneakers.  This opened up the opportunity to service steel toe sneakers for employees of local industrial plants.  Carolina quality workboots were added in 2005, and is now the best selling brand in the store.  Carolina offers a wide range of insulated steel toe or plain toe, waterproof or unlined workboots and shoes that suit customers all year with the changing seasons.   In 2006 the foundation of the shoe store was complete with the addition of two companies whose products are made in the USA; PEET Shoe Dryers and Wigwam Socks.  Two major companies added later were LaCrosse rubber and hunting boots in 2007, and the most recent in 2012 was New Balance.

Zimmer Footwear has developed into a diverse store.  We offer athletic footwear such as Matman Wrestling shoes, Diadora Soccer spikes, New Balance Football and Baseball cleats.  Mouthguards, athletic supporters, shinguards, athletic tape, baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls are just a few of the items to help the local student athletes and area clubs.   They were asked by the local men’s hockey league to start selling hockey balls for the winter deck hockey league.  That has transitioned into offering Mylec and Combat Hockey sticks, shafts and blades.

Its hard to imagine adding any more product to such a small store, but if the situation presents itself Zimmer Footwear will continue to add to its inventory to meet the needs of the area.

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