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Carolina Workboots are a quality product that come in a variety of styles. We stock all varieties of styles including; plain toe, safety toe (steel and composite), waterproof and insulated. We also stock internal and external metatarsal boots and linesman logger boots. New for 2013 Carolina has Made In USA waterproof workboots in plain and safety toe.

Muck is a line of quality insulated waterproof rubber boots with a wide variety of styles. We stock Hoser, Chore, Muckmaster, Wetland, Woody Max, Arctic Sport and Arctic Pro. We also carry the Muck Daily garden shoe, Jobber and Youth Rover. We stock the Chore Steel Toe boot and we can order the Arctic Sport Steel Toe and Arctic Pro Steel Toe boots.

Skechers offers sneakers and sandals for the whole family. We support the local businesses in the area by stocking Skechers slip resistant and steel toe sneakers and shoes for industry workers.

Hunting and farm use boots for men, women and children. Children's little burly boots come in green and 1000 gram insulated camouflage. We stock a variety of insulated hunting boots including the Alphaburly series. Our most popular farm boot in LaCrosse are the Burly boots. We stock Burly Classic and Burly Air Grip in both the foam insulation and 800 gram insulation.

Ranger Winter Boots are available for men, women and kids. Servus rainboots come insulated or uninsulated. We stock yellow overboots, 2 buckle overshoes and 5 buckle overboots. Women's and kids rainboots are available in bright colors and prints. Some Servus rainboots are still MADE IN USA. We do not stock NEOS and XTRATUF but they are available to order.

PEET Shoe Dryers are perfect for every style of footwear. They keep your footwear dry from wet and sweat and prolongs the life of your shoes. PEET dryers circulate warm air into the footwear to safely dry your shoes without overheating the outside materials. PEET offers single pair dryers and multi pair dryers. PEET also has attachments to dry taller footwear such as 18 inch rubber boots and even fishing waders. We also stock portable dryers that either plug into a wall outlet or a power source in your vehicle. We have one that runs on a propane bottle for campers. PEET can go anywhere you go.

New Balance is a company that specializes in narrow and wide width sneakers for men women and kids sizes. New Balance also works with the medical field to offer specialized footwear for a large variety of feet issues to support every type of gait.

Wigwam Mills, Inc. is a company that knits their socks in Sheboygen Wisconsin USA. Wigwam has an extensive line of socks with a variety of materials for everyday comfort in all climates. Merino Wool is their prodominate warmth fiber. They specialize in other materials such as cotton, acrylic, dri-release, polyester and olefin.

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Tuff Toe is a product that is applied as a liquid and hardens to protect and repair workboots. We have heard nothing bad about this product and we have many customers that purchase this everytime they purchase a new pair of boots. Tuff Toe prevents toe wear that usually occurs in steel toe workboots, or in occupations that cause the toe of the boot to have repeated use, such as roofers, welders, construction workers and many more.


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